Winner Counselling

It happens every week, and it can happen to you too. You are a big winner if the amount that you have won is big enough to change your life or lifestyle completely. For most people, that is the case with winnings of 250,000 EUR.


And as a big winner, you owe it to yourself and to the National Lottery to think carefully about your future. In order to help you with this process, the National Lottery has set up the Winner Counselling Unit. The Winner Counselling Unit consists of 2 permanent staff members who pay out the winnings to big winners (by bank transfer), and meet them, as well as a number of staff members from other departments who are called in when a winner has a question that falls within their specialist field.


While an employee checks your play slip and makes the preparations to pay out the winnings, the other employee talks to the winners: How do you feel? How long have you known that you are a winner? How did you find out? Have you talked to other people about your win? Usually it is not necessary to ask this question. Almost all winners tell us immediately, even before handing over the play slip: “we don’t want anyone to know that we have won”. Of course, that wish is respected by all colleagues who come into contact with the winners, either directly or indirectly. The winners are presented with a bottle of champagne and a brochure. The brochure contains a number of tips about how to approach their new life. It is impressed upon them that they can contact the Winners Counselling Unit at any time. Some winners stay in touch, while others don’t need any advice from the National Lottery. The choice is always up to them.

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