Certification "European Lotteries"

The National Lottery, the only responsible lottery operator in Belgium!


Gambling is not a business activity like any other. It represents a risk in terms of public health, crime and money-laundering. That is why the National Lottery was assigned its mission by the State, and has a duty to channel and oversee gambling in Belgian society. In a context of fierce competition in the sector of games of chance, obtaining "Responsible Gaming" certification from the European Lotteries Association (EL) became an absolute must for the National Lottery.


To obtain this certification, the National Lottery had to comply with European standards which lay down a number of rules, some of which had already been applicable for a long time at the National Lottery.


These standards consist of ten different sections (or levels) where the member lotteries have to take action in order to obtain certification. And each of these sections imposes very precise actions:

  • Research relating to problems connected with gaming: they demonstrate their active involvement in research to understand the social impact of gambling;

  • Employee training: they must train their employees to adopt a responsible attitude in their daily operations;

  • Sales agents' programmes: they must provide sales agents with the necessary training and information materials to help them in their dealings with customers;

  • Game design: evaluating the risk factors of gambling addiction, and making every effort to minimise them; 

  • Remote gaming channels: members must put in place regular independent reviews of remote gaming platforms;

  • Advertising and marketing: adopt and apply an advertising and marketing code which ensures that advertising and sales promotion activities do not encourage underage or problem play;

  • Treatment referral: members must actively engage with problem gambling organisations, treatment centres and/or health professionals, in order to understand the impact of lottery products on problem gamblers;

  • Player education: members must provide the public with correct information about the odds of winning each game and the risks of problem play, and display clear information about the prohibition of underage play;

  • Stakeholder engagement: they must consult and inform them regularly on the impact of their responsible gaming programmes;

  • Reporting, measurement and certification: members must ensure correct implementation of the certification procedure with regard to the standards.


To bring their operations into line with these European standards and therefore obtain certification, members must arrange independent auditing of their responsible gaming activities, and obtain at least 75 points (out of a total of 100) for each section.


A positive audit


The good news was delivered at the beginning of December 2010: following the independent audit carried out by a team from Arthur D. Little, the National Lottery received official Responsible Gaming certification as defined by the European Lotteries Association (EL), thus becoming the only Responsible Gaming operator in Belgium.


As a result of this certification, the National Lottery is now one of the first 20 member lotteries of European Lotteries (out of 72) to be certified as meeting the strictest responsible gaming standards. The certification does not guarantee that the Lottery's monopoly will be upheld, but is totally consistent with its mission.

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