Scratch games

The National Lottery's range of scratch card games is highly colourful, and definitely caters for every taste! They include Win for Life, a genuine success story due to its 'lifelong peace of mind' aspect, the longer-established yet still greatly appreciated Presto and Subito, classic games like Bingo or the original and very popular Bling Bling.


Each scratch card is played in a different way, but in every case, amusement is guaranteed!


Depending on the amount of the potential jackpot on offer, the ticket prices usually vary between 1€ and 5€. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more attractive the jackpot and the overall odds of winning.


Each ticket is devoted to a specific theme, such as astrology via 'Astro', pets with 'Max & Minou', playing cards with the famous '21' or cash prizes with 'Quick Cash' or 'King of Cash'.


To find out more about each of our scratch cards, see the page 'Play & Win' on this site and select 'Scratch card games'.

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